On this page you will find several (scientific) articles, papers, recommendations, reports, tips, checklists a.s.o. about (stray) dogs and cats.

Facts and Numbers

facts_and_figures_2010 – FEDIAF statistics of animals in Europe



mctguidelines – about mast cell tumours in cats and dogs

Griekse wet verruiming hulp engels about Greek law in assisting foreign vets


Practical; about you and your dog

Dog Care and Behavior

Housetraining Tips

RSPCA Improving Dog Ownership

15 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy!


Practical; about chained and abused dogs & helping them

Signs that an animal might be abused

20 Ways to Help a Chained Dog

Are Chained Dogs Good Guard Dogs?

How to Build a Mesh Fence

Installing a Trolley 



Reports about Dog/Cat Population Management; ACC-D, Dogstrust, OIE, WHO, WSPA

Contraception and Fertility Control in Dogs and Cats van Acc-d febr 2013

Dog population management in Malawi and Peru, 2009

EUROPA – Animal Health & Welfare – Live Animals – Pets and non-commercial

Guideline Stray Dog Population Control, OIE

Guideline stray dog population, dec 2008 Antalya, Turkey

Humane dog population management guidance ICAMC, nov 2007

ICAM-Humane cat population, 2007

OIE Stray dog population control, Terrestrial Animal Health Code 2012

Straydog survey summary report 2011, for Dogstrust 

Street dog population control

TNR template Dogstrust, 2008

WHO-WSPA dog population management 1990

WSPA Surveying roaming dog populations – guidelines on methodology, 2005

WSPA RSPCA International stray control practices in Europe 2006 2007

Reports about dogbites, euthanasia, shelters

Dogbites 2007 Morgan and Palmer

New York Times 2012 about stray dogs in India

Shelter guidelines RSPA, 2009

WSPA Methods for the euthanasia of dogs and cats- English


Scientific; about surgical sterilisation and castration programs

Animal Birth Control Programme, 2003, Jaipur

TNR template Dogstrust, 2008

NC TNR Handbook_PRINT_v5-4


Scientific; about non-surgical sterilisation and castration programs

ACCD Controlled Release ThinkTank Document

Alchera Bio Contraceptive Report 2002-Final


`CaCl Field experience in Nepal

`CaCl injections and pain sensation


CaCl 1977 Koger ASAS very first abstract

CaCl 1977 Koger Bovine Practitioner

CaCl 1978 Bowman Koger InterEpididCalChloride

CaCl 1978 Koger ModVetPractice report

CaCl 1998 Samanta dogs Page 1

CaCl 1998 Samanta dogs page 2

CaCl 2002 Jana calcium chloride rats

CaCl 2005 Jana calcium chloride goats

CaCl 2006 Canpolat saline poor result

CaCl 2006 Jana calcium chloride rats

CaCl 2007 Jana dogs incl. testosterone

CaCl 2007 Jana dogs testosterone data detail

CaCl 2010 Baran ACCD poster pilot in cats

CaCl 2010 Jana cats poster_abstract

CaCl 2012 pilot & in press USA,Italy

Esterilsol Product Profile and Position Paper

Feral Stat Product Profile and Position Papers

GonaCon, Bender, 2009

Humane Wildlife Solutions HSUS pub

Levy Tipping Point Feline Forum 2009

Megestrol Acetate Product Profile and Position Paper

Slater Tipping Point Feline Forum 2009

WSPA Advice Chemical Castration April 2010

WSPA Non Surgical Methods Reproduction


Scientific; about rabies & dog population managements

canine rabies control

CNVR India Rabies

Cost-description rabies vaccination Kayali, 2006

Current Dogs Latin America

Economics canine rabies, Bogel – Meslin_90

Estimating the Public Health Impact of Rabies- Coleman


Mad dogs and Englishmen – Dedmon, 2008

Rabies control in rural Africa – Kaare

Rabies wereldmap WHO 2009

Re-evaluating the burden of rabies in Africa and Asia – Knobel

Strategies for the control and elimination of rabies in Asia, WHO, 2001

Transmission Rabies Hampson 2009



WHO rabiescontrol programmes, 2005

World Rabies Day 2009, Costa

World Rabies Day 2010 Asian Biomedicine Article


Video’s on Dog Population Management






Rabies Blue print

         1 Introduction

         2 Roles and Responsibilities

         2.2 tabel R_R_SummaryTable

         3.1 Infrastructure

         3.2 Legislation

         3.3 Costs Funding

         4 Communications Plan

         5.1 What Do We Need To Know

         5.2.1 Vaccination Supplies

         5.2.2 Sterilization Supplies

         5.2.3 HumanVacSupplies 

         5.2.4 Rabies Surveillance Supplies

         5.3 Who Do We Need To Train

         5.4 Dog Component

         5.4.20 Reintroduction

         5.5 HumanComponent

         5.6 evaluation

         5.7.1 Sustainability

         Marking Devices Dogs

         Restraining Dogs 

         Sterilisation Devices




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