Caring-stray-animals-Photo-by-Hiren-DaveAnimal Foundation Platform offers support and help to stray animal welfare organizations all over the world. All donations made to the Animal Foundation Platform are fully available for the financial projects, handed in by the affiliated organizations of the Animal Foundation Platform. We help them by:

  • Creating an international network;
  • Offering our knowledge and education material;


The goal of the Animal Foundation Platform is to create a close cooperation between the different organizations, located in all the countries over the world, who are involved with the stray animal problems. In this way knowledge, financial means and resources can be used optimally on behalf of the benefit of the welfare of stray animals and to contribute to solutions on the spot.


Countries and people around the world take respectful care of their stray animals.

Reducing the suffering of stray animals abroad by:

  • Stimulating the cooperation between organizations which are involved with stray animals (the effect of the total is bigger than the sum of the individual organizations);
  • Offering practical help to all participating organizations by giving information, exchanging knowledge, skills, materials and financial means;
  • Giving publicity to our work through local, national and international PR campaigns;
  • Joining our forces so we, as an umbrella organization, can achieve more than each individual organization separately.


The Focus of AFP is on CNVR and education. Scientific studies  show that CNVR is feasible at all times and helps reduce stray populations. CNVR is short for Collect Neuter Vaccinate and Return which means free roaming dogs and dogs who do have owners are collected, sterilised, vaccinated labelled and taken back to where they had come from. Studies show that, when sterile populations are created, the number of dogs will diminish. But this only works in combination with educations and registration. In 1990 the World Health Organisation and the WSPA released a report that stated the most effective method is combination of:

  •     Sterilisation (at least 70% of the she-dogs).
  •     Education (responsible dog ownership, breeding, dumping).
  •     Registration (identification of both animaland owner).

Financial goal

By creating a joint connection between all unselfish organizations we want to achieve more synergy in our sponsors and donors. After all, through joint purchase and appeal for support and sponsoring to third parties (e.g. animal nutrition manufacturers, medical practitioners) we can connect the financial support and the support in goods and divide it amongst all parties concerned.

Donations and support

Animal Foundattion Platform is supporting al lot of projects worldwide. For this we are always searching funds. Donations’ are more than welcome. If you would like to donate to the Animal Foundation Platform you can use the following bank account: 1607.50.369 t.n.v. Animal Foundation Platform, Ter Aar. The number is in the Netherlands. If you live in another country and you want to donate, please send an email to

Donations from AFP to foundations

AFP supports organizations with education material, recommendations how to organize CNVR projects, and with a volunteer network that can help with projects. Beside that medical supplies can be requested at Animal Medical Care Foundation