Animal Foundation Platform depends on gifts and donations. You can help us to help stray animals in different ways. By becomming a sponsor, a one-time donation or even by sending us your old mobile phones

Make a difference for stray animals around the world!

Your generosity allows us to assist stray animals in need around the world. Whether helping education programs, spray & neuter programs, campaigning to end unnecessary acts of cruelty, or raising international awareness of stray animal welfare, AFP is making a lasting difference in the lives of stray animals throughout the world.
AFP’s unique structure allows us to help stray animal welfare organizations in the most remote parts of the world and in countries that have no existing animal welfare legislation. By providing these organizations with education, funding, and advice, we are making a lasting difference for millions of stray animals throughout the world.

Become a sponsor – Give monthly!

This is the most effective way you can help AFP to make a difference for stray animals around the world. Your monthly gifts will allow us to plan, maintain and increase our long-term projects with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the funds will be there in the future. It also allows us to have contingency funds so that we can respond to international animal crises as quickly as possible. Even with a donation of  € 1,- a month we are more than happy. With your donation we can make the difference.

None of this is possible without the help of caring people like you.

Make your most generous donation today. Giving online is quick, easy, and secure.

If you’d prefer to send us a check, you can address it to:

(Stray) Animal Foundation Platform
Stichtstraat 11
1079 RB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

All gifts are tax-deductible to the highest extent of the law. AFP  is a registered non-profit organization and receives no government funding.

Send us your old mobile phones

Your old cell phone means money for Animal Foundation Platform.  Send your old mobile phones to AFP. We will take care of recycling and reuse.

You can send them to:

Animal Foundation Platform
Zuidzijdsedijk 90
3264 LJ Nieuw-Beijerland
The Netherlands


In our webshop you will find nice items and products. All proceeds will be used to support spay and neuter projects and education.

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