• Yes we care – Amsterdam

      Today at 74 locations around the world  were held demonstrations against the killing of stray animals in Romania.   Similarly, in Amsterdam. With beautiful weather we started at the Dam and walked through the town to the Leidseplein .   Of course Stray Animal Foundation Platform was present. Similarly, the Dutch Party for the… [Read more]

  • April month of the stray animals

    4/4 is World Stray Animals Day. This day is already being celebrated in more than 60 countries.        Stray Animal Foundation Platform believes that more needs to be done, and therefore proposes to make April the month of the stray animal.   One day a year International attention for stray animals is wonderful…. [Read more]

  • #strayfie

      International campaign on behalf of the stray animals worldwide.   April 4th is World Stray Animals Day. To celebrate this day make a strayfie of you and your (stray) dog or (stray) cat. A strayfie is a selfie of you and your (stray) animal. Show the world what delight it is to have a… [Read more]

  • International campaign on behalf of the stray dogs worldwide.

    April 4th is World Stray Animals Day – April 4. To celebrate this day you can make a strayfie. A strayfie is a selfie of you and your (stray) dog during the walk, Show the world what fun it can be to have a stray dog.   Post your strayfie on twitter with hashtag: #strayfie…. [Read more]

  • Stray dogs rounded up and killed in Sochi ahead of Russia’s Winter Olympics so they don’t spoil the atmosphere for tourists

    The city of Sochi has hired a private company to kill as many stray dogs as possible before the Winter Olympics, it has been claimed. Describing the animals as ‘biological trash’, the owner of the company has reportedly admitted being tasked with using poison and traps to rid the city of stray dogs before thousands… [Read more]

Welcome to the website of the Animal Foundation Platform


The Animal Foundation Platform is an independent platform for all organizations in countries which are active for animal welfare and which are committed to help stray dogs and cats in their country. We started the platform in The Netherlands and we want to roll the concept out worldwide.


The concept:

  • Collect information about the situation of stray animals in countries and cultures worldwide. Connect stray animal welfare organizations, support education projects and spay/neuter projects. Connecting with other parties in the field of stray animals such as volunteers, shelters, vets etc;
  • Start projects with others. Working together expands result;
  • Focus on education projects and spay/neuter projects (CNVR)
  • Joint initiatives between countries. For example in the Netherlands and in Germany and some other countries lots of people and foundations are working for stray animals abroad;
  • Animal Foundation Platform wants to connect with your organization! With international connections, by raising money for executing education- and sterilization projects in different countries we can help stray animal foundations to improve the situation for stray animals. Together we can set up bigger projects, with more impact and publicity all over the world

Animal Medical Care Foundation

The Animal Medical Care Foundation (AMCF) is a daughter organisation of Animal Foundation Platform. This foundation supports animal refuges / shelters in over 30 countries worldwide with medicine, medical equipment and other care products.


We want to make a bridge between men and animal, not only by showing the brave volunteers that there are people who care, but more importantly: by helping animals we help mankind. Animals feed, dress, rescue, heal and comfort mankind. What would we do without them?

4/4 World Stray Animals Day

April 4th is World Stray Animals Day. A day to show compassion and support to stray animals worldwide.  Originally this day was invented in Holland in 2010. Animal Foundation Platform is working closely with this initiative and together we tend to make this planet a better place for stray animals. A international Holiday is a wonderful instrument to make people aware of the fact that we all have to take responsibility for stray animals.

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