Stray-AFP is started to help stray animals and to do that in a structural, international, cooperative way. When organizations concerned with improving the welfare of stray animals start to work together, learn from each other and support each other, their influence and spin-off can grow and better results will be achieved. We strongly believe that working together with other parties in the field of  stray animal welfare can enlarge our impact. Together we are stronger and our actions will have more effect.

Advantages of joining AFP

Are you an organization that deals with strays? Please join us, it’s free and you benefit the following advantages:

  • The possibility of joining our regional projects
  • Benefit from joint fundraising
  • Access to all kind of  information (p.e. education)
  • Support in setting up spay and neuter projects
  • Ability to be part of large (international) projects
  • You become part of an international network.

 You can join us by filling in the application form  Membership is free