Bert van Straten (1972) is a Dutch dog trainer and founder and owner of Pack Leader Training & Transformation Center. He is working on a soon to be published book that will throw an entirely new light on the treatment of dogs and animals.


Bert makes daily house calls to owners and their dogs, when they experience (extreme) dog behavior problems. He solves issues and teaches both owner and

dog right at the spot. When the behavior turns out to be too severe the dog can be brought into his own pack of experienced dogs – “The Guardians” – to be trained by both Bert and the pack.


At the Training & Transformation Center itself, various dog training classes, puppy classes and recreational courses are given.


Bert regularly lectures about dog behavior at animal educational institutions, works with children at primary schools, is author at and acts as a behavioral expert in (impending) legal dog seizures.


In addition, Bert and his team are on standby 24/7 to help out animals in emergency situations.