“Dogs are my life, my life fill and my big love. I hope with my ambassadorship of Animal Foundation Platform I can give back a tiny bit of what the beautiful animal ‘ the dog ‘ has given to me. Dogs have not only enriched my life, but they enrich the lives of everyone who sincerely shares his life with dogs.”

Martin Deeley is founder of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). The IACP is founded in 1999 as an international umbrella organisation for dog professionals. The IACP’s objective is to increase the professionalism of the professional groups that work with dogs. This happens, inter alia by sharing knowledge and learning from each other. Dog trainers, groomers, asylum holders, dogs behavioral experts etc. meet with each other through the IACP and have one common goal: enhancing the well-being of the dog.

Martin Deeley reserves for 35 years engaged in the training of hunting dogs, in which he has won numerous titles and competitions at international level. He is writer of leading American and European magazines and he has, among others, Queen Elizabeth of England may interviewing. In addition to articles in magazines Martin has three bestsellers written about the training of owners of hunting dogs. In addition, Martin has countless movies and competitions and various training DVDs created commented. In 2007, Martin won the coveted title of jachthondtrainer of the year for Europe. In 2008, Martin the preface written in the first book of Cesar Millan, Cesar’s way. From 2008 on Martin acted as an advisor and consultant for Cesar. The common aim of Martin and Cesar is: achieving a successful man-dog relationship, based on a balanced life for dogs and their owners.

In 2012 Martin wrote a beautiful book about stray Leo. The book is suited for everyone. Martin told us:

“I have had dogs since I was 11 years old – a long time. My father impressed on me from those early days that a dog was a responsibility, my responsibility and if I wanted him to be a good dog I had to show him how. In return he would become my best friend – he did. His name was Kim and he was the beginning of my love and life with dogs. Over the years I have trained and owned many dogs – a love that became my life’s work as a trainer and educator. I have taken in stray and rescue dogs, trained and rehabilitated them and found new lifetime homes. I have been a Director of a Shelter group, founded an organization dedicated to helping support professionals whose lives have also become dedicated to dogs and, worked many times with my good friend Cesar Millan. I help many dogs that have been rescued and many that deserve good homes. Too often dogs are unfairly surrendered to shelters or left simply to become strays. In a small way I try to enrich the lives of those I meet and those who rescue and care for them.

The Animal Foundation Platform honored me by making me an Ambassador for the organization and it is my life with dogs and the need to help strays and rescue dogs that inspired me to write this book. So often we do not see the world through the eyes of our dogs and so I wrote as if I was Leo – the dog star – in an attempt to help owners understand how a dog thinks. How he saw and felt the times and the changes that he experienced.

Leo had been found as a stray in a baseball stadium. The adoption of Leo started a journey in his and his owner’s life that was not only interesting but made me realize that in life that things often work out for the best. We should never give up and always strive to reach our dreams. Leo became a dog star with the help of Cesar Millan. He has featured in Cesar’s posters and on many photographs, and always because of his jumping skills. My hope is that this book will not only entertain but also help create understanding of how dogs think and see situations differently from their human owners. (One third of the profits from the sales of this book will go to an animal shelter to assist in rehoming many more stray dogs.)”

The book – Leo – The Incredible and Amazing Dog Star is available on line as an e-book