Yvonne Kroonenberg loves animals as much as people. When it comes to love for animals, I’m not sentimental. I am not someone who tries to identify my own grief in the suffering of animals. We are not above the animals, they are not above us. Animals are animals; they are no Gods. I don’t have a preference for certain animal species. I find horses and donkeys fantastic animals, but I like mice and frogs as well, and I love my own dog Bonne of course. Yvonne has a dog, a cat, a mouse, an aquarium and a horse to take car.


Yvonne was born in 1950 at the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam. After high school she went to America for a year. She has studied psychology and has been connected for five years as a psychotherapist at a general medical practice. She initially went writing as a columnist before she started to write books since 1986, both for adults and children. Her books are about the love and everything that can go wrong around the love between men and women. She has written nine youth books about girls and horses. In 2009 Yvonne released her book about the life of swine production in the livestock industry titled ‘The only thing they didn’t use is Knor’.


I would really like to help the Animal Foundation Platform where I can. On your own you cannot do much against the horrors that befall animals if they are around people who are heartless. But you can definitely make a difference together!