Patty Harpenau: Animal Foundation Platform is an organization that has my admiration. A group of volunteers who tirelessly put in their talent for the welfare of animals. No frills but deeds and with tireless enthusiasm. She reminds me of a beautiful pronunciation of Mother Theresa: ‘ it is not always in life to great things to do but that what you are doing great to do ‘. That’s what they do. Without other ulterior motives than animals to provide a secure environment. It is with pride that I am asked to be Ambassador for Animal Foundation Platform. Because an organization that does such a good job, you wear a warm and good heart.

Patty was born on 23 March 1959 in Amsterdam. Patty studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and completed her studies in art and design in Israel. From 1986 on became a famous artist and has painted and exhibited internationally. Her work is characterized by colorful Expressionism as l’enfant soleil (child of the Sun). In 1996 returned to the art world only to exhibit from her own atelier. At the same time, Patty became a meditation teacher by learning how to become a medication teacher in America and India. Patty has founded the Life Foundation in Diemen, a Centre for wellbeing and spirituality for both individuals and organisations. Beginning in 2000, Patty wrote many successful books about meditation, spirituality and health. Her books are published internationally.

Patty loves of dogs – she has four dogs, also a stray. Let’s be honest. We people sometimes forget that we are part of nature and that it is our responsibility to give a good life to all living creatures. I cannot explain in words how much you receive when helping an animal. And if you have no place in your life for an animal yet, please support an organisation which help others to find a safe haven for animals. Every little bit helps to get a lost animal happy.

Patty Harpenau The Life Foundation