Joint Statement

LogoColorTextBelowJoint statement of animal welfare organizations or individuals on planning for humane stray animal population management ahead of international Sports Events

In countries with an important population of stray animals, international sporting events (Olympic Games, World Championships, etc.) lead most of the times to massive culling initiatives. Aside from the obvious ethical problem that the culling of otherwise healthy animal poses, the culling methods tend to lead to avoidable animal suffering. With forward planning, more humane and efficient solutions (ABC projects, CNVR projects and TNR projects1) are available.

The undersigned organizations and individuals hereby call upon all the countries and regions preparing for an international sporting even to plan use exclusively humane solutions to deal with stray animals.

In addition, we appeal to the sports organizations such as FIFA and IOC to take a clear position in the managing of stray animal populations ahead of each event.

For both regional authorities and sport organizations, we recommend that:

  • Stray population management becomes an integral part of the planning for international sporting events
  • Sufficient funds be allocated for humane solutions (Depending on the country between € 35 and € 80 per animal)
  • Sufficient time be allocated for the stray population management (depending on the population, a three to four years preparation phase is recommended).
  • Consulting with experienced organizations2
  1. Trap-Neuter-Return is a method of humanely trapping stray animals, spaying or neutering them, and releasing them back. TNR is promoted by several animal welfare organizations as a humane and effective alternative to euthanasia for managing and reducing stray animal populations.
  2. For example; WSPA, IFAW, Four PAWS, RSPCA, Stray AFP, the Humane Society

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