I’m very new to AFP. Isabelle asked me to join very recently, June 2012, and I am honored to be part of this group.


My roots in the interest in animals come from my grandfather, he was a very small farmer with some goats, hogs and rabbits, all kept for milk and meat. I followed agricultural educations and learned about the farming in all kinds of ways. I think farming and respect for animals and nature is something that can work together. But I am shocked by the way animals are treated to feed the world, it is something that made me think how to be able to help.


I also fell in love with dogs as they are our daily co-workers, because of my husband’s job as a sheepherder. I followed many courses in dogtraining and dog behavior and had my own dogschool for many years. Not only our working dogs got my attention but dogs in general worldwide. We own two Spanish Galgo’s from a foreign shelter and realized that a lot of dogs in varies countries suffer from abuse and starvation. I also feel that adopting dogs does not end the problem of stray and unwanted dogs, it is like bringing water to the sea. I am sure that AFP can make a big change in this and can help trough education, financial support and spay and neuter projects.


It would be great if we could not only help the dogs but also the people that live in those countries under poor circumstances. Education and compassion is the key in my opinion.




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