I joined AFP in August 2011. We had recently adopted a Spanish Galgo and learned about the horrendous cruelties these dogs suffer from in Spain. It made me angry and eager to do something about it. Soon I discovered that Spain is not the only country where stray-dogs have a hard life. When I tell about the 600 million stray-dog problem worldwide and the fact that it is caused by mankind, people are shocked and filled with disbelief and anger.


I believe it all comes down to Ignorance, Indifference and disrespect.

If people would know what is going on, care about animals and were willing to help the number of strays would quickly diminish. Unfortunately reality is that a lot of people do not care or don’t want to solve it because they make money out of it. Tradition, education and corruption are important factors.


With my technical background I’m used to analyze problems and solve them in a logical and systematical way. As project manager in the offshore industry I have seen quite some challenges, but I learned that long lasting projects can only be completed successfully if you work together, stay focused on the goal and take it one step at a time.


The stray-dog problem seems almost unsolvable, but the number of people and organizations that are trying to do something about it fill me with hope.


Collaboration, sterilization and education is our focus and by connecting internationally with sister organizations and joining forces we will be able to make a difference.




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