My name is and I am a veterinarian in Goes Carstien Dreesman.

In 2010 I was present at the first zwerfhonden Conference in Utrecht, because my heart lies in the stray dogs. My intense and unconditional love for stray dogs began in 2002 on my holiday in Samos. At home I already had three beagles and I my dear Wanderer came on Samos against stray Samos ….. which I could leave not there. While my partner was surfing, I rented a car and drove over Samos looking for a veterinarian and a bench for in the plane. What great to be able to give Samos golden basket!



Solve the zwerfhonden problem in the country itself (on an animal-friendly way) is of course the best, and so I support AFP fully and 100%.

My interest for stray dogs is further enhanced when I read about the Bosnian KNMvD and a project of sterilization. In 2005 and In 2010 I went to Bosnia as a veterinarian to help the sterilization project. I have a huge admiration for all those volunteers who are committed to the stray-problems abroad and put their effort in helping them.



As a veterinarian you can spread your medical knowledge and opinions on the stray animals. There is still much to improve in that area, taking into account the limited resources in the various countries. I would like to contribute to AFP as an ‘veterinary’ ambassador. I could and can annoy me extremely to the remark in my veterinary training: ‘ don’t take animals from abroad due to the import of disease ‘ to the Netherlands. Well, there is much to say about all the diseases with the official breed dogs…. That’s a nice point of discussion within the veterinary world!



Communication about the stray dogs is a good thing and it is precisely so fantastic to the governing body if the AFP. The effect of an umbrella organization is so more powerfull than all the little separate Foundations. There must be cooperation and knowledge must be exchanged. What could be better, how can it become more functional, how can the goal of each Foundation be reached? This can only be achieved if there is communicated. Solution: The AFP!

I hope that we achieved a lot in the near future and that there is going to be a lot of media attention. The AFP should come in the picture and they have my support!