AFP started in October 2010 and I am one of the board members who founded AFP. I’m proud to be involved from the beginning! Personally, I’m not a person to be in the spotlight, so I’m happy to do my tasks in the background.

In the contrary to my family, I am fond of animals. In short notice, I discovered the incredible values of animals when growing up. They have so much to learn to us and when I took the time, I realized I needed animals as guidance to help me to be a better person and to make better decisions in my life. The beauty of an animal and it’s being is their great acceptation of life: it is as it is and you are who you are and that’s good. Nothing more and nothing less. I’m indefinitely grateful to nature for this wisdom!


To learn more about all kinds of animals, I followed a lot of courses; about animal care, animal medical care, how to run a shelter of my own, how to communicate with animals (e.g. Martha Williams) and I studied the beginners and advanced courses of Jane Fennell and her lovely son Tony Knight. As a volunteer I worked at the shelter on weekends and me and my husband run a rodents and ferret shelter in our home for this shelter fpr many years.


Since 2002 I also got involved with foundation Animal Association International (AAI) and we became the owners of several dogs of this foundation. We also became a foster home of many dogs of AAI. I came to realize that emigration is great for the individual dog or cat, but that emigration is not the structural solution for the stray-problem. Every foundation does its very best to help the strays. And still we can do so much more if we work together in helping solve the stray-problems at the grounds of the stray-problem. That’s why I immediately got enthusiastic about the concept of AFP: working together to reach so much more in helping the endless suffering of the strays.


I’m hoping to be able to work for a very, very long time for AFP!


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