Anne marie: “Respect for animals is having respect for ourselves. There is no difference between the nature and us, there is no ‘ we ‘ and ‘ the animals ‘. There are no separate worlds; all living creatures are in fact one. We are not higher in rank than an animal and the animals are no less worthy than humans. We should take care of the animals – precisely because of our ability to be aware. Our task is to protect and respect them instead of use or misabuse them. There is no moral justification for allowing or turning a blind eye to the suffering of the animals, especially the strays. There cannot be made a separation. Suffering is suffering – whether it be people or animals.

Animal Foundation Platform is actually a foundation that does so much more than just working for the stray animals in Europe: AFP promotes awareness and performs a moral activism what the world needs. I am therefore proud that I, along with my fabulous fellow ambassadors, play my part by my small contribution “.

Anne marie De Vries-Postma (1969) is a journalist, columnist and writer of the (International) bestsellers ‘ The deeper secret ‘, ‘ Soul cocky ‘, ‘ Soul healthy ‘ and ‘ the healing power of acceptance ‘. She is a much sought after speaker and protector of nature. She lives on the Frisian countryside with her husband and their three dogs, Robin and Suddha Broes Dootje.

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