Information if you want to adopt a dog from abroad

Steps to follow

You have:

  • thought about the advantages and the disadvantages of a dog
  • adjusted your life, so that you can offer the dog a good home
  • considered a dog from a local shelter, but decided that a dog from abroad suits you better

There is a lot to read about adopting dogs from abroad. When you want to make a good adoption choice, it is important that you make a well-considered decision about the organization that accompanies you at the adoption process. And that you choose a dog that suits your lifestyle and environment.

Most people choose a dog from abroad because they want to offer the dog a better life.

However, an adoption is no guarantee. A structural solution asks solutions for the long term. If you want to contribute, ensure that the organization of your choice prioritize long term solutions.

Another thing to remember is that a good organization carefully chooses the dog that is suitable for a life with you. This means that some dog  can’t  travel to other countries. . A dog that is very anxious, a dog that is sick or a dog that is accustomed to hunting sometimes  isn’t  better off with a transport to another country.

Therefore consciously choose:

  • The organization that helps you to adopt a foreign dog
  • The dog, he or she will be your best friend for the next (maybe fifteen) years

Make sure your choice makes the situation better for the dogs that stay abroad, for the dog of your choice and for you! This checklist can help you make a responsible choice.


  • Search on the internet for experiences with the organization of your choice.
  • Read the adoption agreement carefully.
  • Take the time for your decision. Never choose just out of emotion.
  • Stray-AFP can help you to make the choose the right organisation

Checklist foreign dog

Organization is reliable

There is information about what the organization does and how she spends her money

  • clear information on the website
  • public annual report
  • easy to find how money is spent

Organization stands for structural solutions

The organization aims structural solutions for local/regional problems

  • long term projects on a firm basis
  • cooperation with local authorities and people
  • education projects and/or CNVR projects

Adoption is well accompanied

The organization ensures responsible and professional approach to adopting

  • information about responsible dog ownership and foreign dogs
  • good screening and matching of dog and new owner
  • prevention of  the transfer of diseases to other dogs/regions
  • personal acquaintance and aftercare
  • expertise and experience with adoptions of foreign dogs
  • ability of good care if adoption fails

BEFORE_You_Get_Your_Puppy by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Transport regulations

For transport of dogs within the European Union Commission Regulation (EU) 388_2010 applies.

Movement of more than 5 animal should be done according to European Council Directive 92_65_EEC.

Health and zoonoses

Because you adopt an animal from abroad it is wise to be aware of health risks. Check here  for tips